FaceBook…..IS it Your time consuming or earning platform?



Hello Guys,

Today I am Here to tell you that We can make those thing our earning platform which are time consuming or time pass things for others

Here the one and most example is facebook. WE all know that most of the people use facebook just to be connected with other or for entertainment. Even we ourselves do the same thing . we spend our whole day while chatting with others and watching the updates their.Facebook is the most online traffic generating platform. It has too much traffic at same time so this is a very good place to advertise your product or your ad. what you need is an attractive ad or tamplet containing tracking link so that you can have the reports of your ad. You need to have facebook paid ad account and you can advertise your own product or your contracted products and throw a huge number of targeted traffic Too.

Listing Of Age Group:

IF you are advertising anything on facebook you have an option to select the age group of the people. suppose you want that your ad should be displayed or approached to only 18 to 60 age group than you have to select the age group there before publishing that ad post.

Listing Of country where you target:

Suppose you have the product or ad for US or AUS than you need to select the country where it will be advertised. This way you are making your ad more targeted or geo targeted . Means people of these countries will see your ad and if they are intrested they will go for that.

Creating Ad on platform:

Facebook provides you the facility to create your ad on platform . It itself suggest the preview of your ad or help you to create that . It also tell that which ad can be more attractive or performing  so by the help of that you can create your post or ad in platform and publish that.

Setting up the budget:

Facebook ask for the budget to set before publish. IT denotes that how much you have to spend to get some certain numbers of clicks or impression and you have to put your budgets on the day wise. this way you can set money and start promoting your product or websites.

SO this was the way how you can make faceboon not your time consuming but earning platform as well . Online advertising is an effective way to earn money while doing other things at home. and it gives you chance to earn something with your job.

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